Jacklynhipkins S12

Double Binds:
M.C. Batesn's film covered a large range of topics, one of witch was double binds. A double bind is an unresolvable dilemma, where the decision isn't necessarily going to be better than the other. I focused on the double bind of the consumption of alcohol. Being a young college student I seem to be faced with this double bind quite often. I chose this topic because as it is heavily looked down upon, a large portion of our country chooses to consume alcohol.Alcohol consumption can be harming to the body and impairs our daily motor skills. Yet there are obvious risks, alcohol and "partying" is a large part of our culture. There are hundreds of types and brands of alcohol making it a million dollar industry. People use alcohol to relax, have an enjoyable time and also to casually consume. Yet there are religions who completely dismiss alcohol consumption, there are individuals who drink and have no problems like alcoholism. The choice to participate in the consumption of alcohol is completely voluntary, I feel that is where the double bind seems to occur. To drink or not to drink. I have come to the conclusion that in moderation an control, the double bind is a clear decision, but may result in negative occurrences. The following is a power point presentation on the double bind of alcohol consumption.


Metapatterns are patterns of patterns throughout our world. In depth they are quite amazing when found in nature. There are works of art that are called fractals. A fractal is a mathematical set that has a fractal dimension that usually exceeds its dimension. Fractals are typically self-similar patterns, meaning they are "the same from near as from far”. Fractals include the idea of a detailed pattern repeating. These Fractals are mostly displayed in works of art and in paintings. Yet there are very pleasing to look at and admire, people don’t realize these Fractals occur in nature and are easily overlooked in everyday life. These occur in examples such as lightning strikes, pinecones, leaves, sea shells and flowers. I have become more aware of these natural works of art for that they are truly amazing. Metapatterns vary from similarities of two completely different objects and finding there inter connects all the way to more simple forms such as fractals. These patterns of patterns don’t have to be actual objects either; they could be things such as the relationships in cliques and the relationships between them. These Fractal patterns, yet more commonly known in art works occur on the very streets we walk on. This project has made me more aware of the patters and now assists me in discovering new ones. I feel in touch with my surroundings and that fractal patterns created around me.


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