Chelsea Fredrickson-S12

Chelsea Fredrickson
April 29th, 2012
Ecology of the Mind

Reflection #3

“The Wisdom of Recognition: Activism and Aesthetics” by MC Bateson
-Her parents taught both had views that centered around the arts and science rather than just science.
-The war brought about different reasoning between her mother and father which ultimately lead to their divorce.
-Her mother's work centered around a positive proactive way of thinking, leading to her work in anthropology.
-Her father's work centered around a negative way of looking at society, it wasn't until his later years in life that he began his work in ecology.
-Both of her mother and father's work looked at various areas of study.
-Her father's work lead to the concept of cybernetics because his area of study was so vast.
-MC Bateson's concern is her parents work has been taken out of context and misinterpreted, and he goal is to keep their work together so it can be properly understood.
-She also wants to continue the legacy of her parents work by bringing about the concerns they had about the world to the general public.

The article brought forth many thought in my mind. The idea that her parents work ultimately caused their relationship to deteriorate was astounding. To believe one's thoughts and work could end a marriage was astounding. Although the concept was a negative one, the divorce and difference within Bateson's parents gave her the opportunity to learn more than one with parents that shared similar views. Her mother's work during the war resonated with me more so than her father's work. The idea of researching ways to discuss food throughout the history to help America educate it's citizens would be something I would have wanted to do myself, rather than have a pessimistic view and discredit the work being done to make America during the war like her father did.
Even though I disagree with Gregory's work during his marriage, I do believe in the idea of cybernetics and the thought that science is not just science, but it correlates with art. The film, as well as this class, has taught me so much about the world around me. Since I am pursing a degree in science, I have always seen science as science, cut and dry without any room for interpretation. Now that I have explored the views of Bateson in this class, I know see that science is a derivative of the arts. Everything about science is art that was created through various patterns and all of them are connected in many ways. As Bateson's work has proved, you can find multiple connections and similarities in areas that you never thought were possible to relate to one another.
Overall, I have grown as a person through the readings, projects and film clips that I have experienced in this class. I now see the world around me in a new light and find myself making connections that I never thought were possible. I am glad I ceased the opportunity to take this course and will use the knowledge I have acquired to pursue research for my own enjoyment, and throughout my entire life as I continue to learn and grow.

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