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Welcome to my FS 121 Ecology of the Mind Wiki Page!

If you need inspiration and you're starting to feel like your life is becoming too stressful or monotonous…I recommend picking up a copy of this. Sometimes to see that you're the only one that creates what we call reality- can put the blame and hope where it needs to be.

Just when I think the metamorphosis complete, I grow new skin and begin again.
Everything that I'm "sure" of in this life is a concept.
How do I appropriately inject these abstract realities into my life?
I make believe that there are certainties that will keep me from going absolutely mad.
Something will catch me at that poignant point of no return,
Where my stumbling can no longer be considered a dance.
When the most real thing in your life isn't actually palpable…. and you're starting to lose sensation…
The only thing that can save me is…
I infer my wholeness and give in.

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