Patterns: Rollercoasters

By: Stephanie Gillooly

Patterns and meta-patterns are symbols, shapes, flows of information, and many other aspects of life that surround us in our day to day routines. Patterns can be defined as spheres, tubes, arrows, triggers, and hundreds of other unique characteristics. These patterns are so common-place and so intricate that people do not even realize, or take the time to notice them, and how they impact our lives. Before I was introduced to the ideas of patterns, I was unaware that the things around me could be defined: the table I am working on could be considered a sheet; the pencil I am writing with can be considered a trigger, or even an arrow, that controls the flow of my ideaas and information onto paper. All of these ideas and patterns can relate objects to one another as well as create a larger pattern when whole objects are compared to other whole objects. Patterns define the things around us, the way those things work, and also the way those things work in regards to us and eachother.

I chose to base my patterns project on rollercoasters. When we were assigned to go outside and sketch an object and relate its patterns to itself, I chose a bicycle. When I thought about all of the spheres, tubes, and triggers, I immediately thought of the hundreds of patterns I could find in a large scale rollercoaster. Rollercoasters are found in amusement and recreation parks all throughout America, and there is hardly a single person who has never been on a rollercoaster at some point in their lives. There are tens, possibly even hundreds of patterns found in rollercoasters, on their tracks, in their routes, and in their structures as a whole. Here is my final presentation on the patterns that can be interpreted from rollercoasters:

Patterns and Systems.pptx

In addition to my powerpoint presentation, I included a video of the rollercoaster "California Screamin'" in Disney's California Adventure Theme Park. I found that when watching the video of the rollercoaster taking its fast and intense route, one can see the triggers, tubes, spheres, and arrows present along the way. Here is the video embedded within my powerpoint, but available for viewing below:

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