The Music of Drake

For my Relationships and Systems presentation, I decided to use my musical passion, the current musical artist Drake, as my example. I have been a Drake fan for a few years now, and after some serious thinking I realized that his music and his past relationships are a very accurate portrayal of what people think of when they think of connections and emotions relating to the people and world around us. Drake is a popular rapper known for his emotional slow raps about love, women, and social status. He is currently becoming an influential name in lyrical-based rap and his words and rhymes are a good depiction of how words connect people to their environment and the people surrounding them. Here is my presentation:

Systems & Relationships.pptx

In additon to my powerpoint file, I have also included some related youtube music videos. One depicts a popular musical influence from the 60's, Bob Dylan. His songs were incredibly influential and were so powerful they drove people to protest social issues and seriously contemplate how to go about changing global issues taking place during that time period. Along with the Bob Dylan video, I also have two of Drake's songs that clearly show how his lyrics and music cause connections between people, their environment, and the thoughts included within both of those:

Bob Dylan song:

Drake Song 1 ("The Winner")

Drake Song 2 ("Beautiful Music")

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