Riley Larson

When I first started to think about patterns I would only come up with the normal everyday ones. After learning a little more about them I can see patterns in everything. Patterns are not just shapes of repetition, they can show relationships also. For example, spheres are not only a 3-dimensional but they can also maximize strength and durability and minimize environmental impact. Patterns are present in almost everything we encounter in our daily lives but are hardly ever noticed. They are kind of like hidden wonders in the world that until you learn more about them and what they represent, go unnoticed.

I chose to do my project on the Nazca Lines because like patterns, they went unnoticed for thousands of years. The Nazca lines were built by the Nazcans thousands of years ago but were not discovered until the 1930's. These lines were built from the ground but the figures that the lines make up can only be seen from high above. This is miraculous that the Nazcans were able to create these figures from the ground without knowing what they would look like from above. They were theorized to be made for the deities of water so that they could have a successful crop production. This forms a hierarchy between the Nazcans and the deities. There were many other patterns I found including: centers, holons, clonons, emergence, gradient, binaries, sheets, cycles, and webs.


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