Alex Smolesnki

There are many double binds we all come across in life. I was really thinking about this, and came up with my top three double binds. I think that Addictions, Families, and Relationships are the most frequent double binds that one would come across. I chose to write poems to express what these double binds do to people. Enjoy!

It feels so good once you start.
But is there any end?
What you are doing isn’t smart.
But this addiction has become your friend.

You want to stop, but how?
It’s hurting you slowly but you can’t quit.
Something needs to be done now.
But once the spark is lit,
It’s hard to put it out.

Finally you decide it is time.
Start new and leave the addiction behind.
Overtime you find your need climbs, and climbs.
So you give in, just to get it out of your mind.

The cycle has started all over again.
You wonder if you will ever be able to abstain.


Mom says, “You don’t love me.”
Dad says, “You don’t need me.”
But if they could only see
How this is affecting their daughter, if they could only see.

The daughter loves both of her father and mother,
But is lost as to what is right.
She thinks, “Why even bother?
None of them will ever have clear sight.”

Wanting to spend time with mom.
Wanting to spend time with dad.
She tries to carry on and keep calm,
Hoping this is just a passing fad.

Time goes on, and nothing changes. She cries.
Feeling like her parents hate her, she dies
A little inside.


Brought up Catholic his whole life,
Expecting to live a certain way, do certain things.
His parents expect him to take a wife.

Tell his family what he really wants and be turned away?
Or, keep it to him and hide inside?
All he wants is his family to stay.

He knows they won’t accept his life style.
So he pretends to make them happy.
But this can only last for a while.

Not wanted to be alone and abandoned,
He decides to keep in to himself.
But as time goes on, he feels like dying.

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