Metapatterns Videos

Tyler Volk's Video Series on Metapatterns

Part 1: What is a sphere?

An introduction to metapatterns through the forms and functions of spheres.

Part 2: Water Lily & Wine Glass

Spheres, sheets, and tubes are three primal shapes put to good functional use by many creations of nature and culture. These three metapatterns are often merged in the patterns that come forth from biological and cultural evolution, and analyzing them helps us discern the reasons shapes are what they are. In this video I show two relatively pure examples of these three metapatterns.

Part 3: ABCDNAlphabets

I point to a metapattern called the alphabetic holarchy (described in my book Metapatterns Across Space, Time, and Mind). Elementary units are arranged in different ways to build up levels of complexity. This occurs in biology. The pattern is also crucial in culture. Language is the main example used here for culture, but math and music as well have the "alphabetic" pattern. Evolutionary reasoning could be useful to help explain biological and cultural alphabetic holarchies. But what about the same metapattern in our world's chemical structures?

Levels, Realms, and Metapatterns in Biological and Cultural Evolution

This video is of a talk given in a plenary session at the Evolutionary Patterns Conference, Lisbon, Portugal, 2013.


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