David Gloster Guitar

"Relationships Through The Guitar"

I feel that when you start out with guitar the guitar itself is the dominant one in the relationship. You must concede and adhere to the demands and structure of the instrument, both physically and in theory. Muscle memory and knowledge of music play a huge role in the development of the relationship between you and the guitar and without those and practice you'll remain in the submissive position of the relationship. To effectively utilize the guitar you must spend hours learning the method behind the madness that is guitar, but the moment you start playing how and what you want to play then the relationship changes. The shift in relationship is the guitar being dominant and you being submissive to more of a complimentary organization in which you learn the potential behind the instrument instead of looking at it as strings attached to wood. This is when the technique development usually begins and a style is thus born into existence from nothing more than format and guidelines. When you finally master the art and craft of the guitar then the relationship becomes more symbiotic in a sense, the reasoning behind this wild idea is that without the guitar the person would crave an outlet to express themselves and in contrast an inanimate object, such as a guitar, gains life while being played and used as a medium between ideas and expression.

The guitar is comprised of many notes working within a larger structure known as the fret board. The combination of notes strummed at the same time however creates a chord. This chord can be multiple notes in the same key to produce a more rich and full sound, usually to play rhythm in a song. These notes broken down individually though represent the melody and they're played within the confines of the chord key. Even though notes and chords are a structure and system all by themselves, chords are actually just a small piece behind what goes into music itself. There's harmonics which you have to hold your finger over the metal fret to get a sound ever so slightly, looking at it beforehand the thought never would have emerged but after experience and shifting of the relationship between myself and the guitar at least, I learned there were more ways to play than just strumming chords or plucking notes. You can play with your hands, a capo, or even bend the strings above the neck to get an inverted note! There's so much versatility born of just a simple piece of wood and strings after time and effort, much like relationships between people and I also think that relationships transcend boundaries such as person to person but also include person to object or even person to memory. All of these work together within one giant system and that is how I think guitar and musical structure can relate to systems, their parts and purpose.

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