by Lara Rucker

Heroin Addict


The irony of this double bind is that other double binds may lead to becoming an addict.

I believe that addiction is one of the toughest double binds, not only is it physical pain, but the addict must also endure mental pain.

An addict can see the "good" side of their addiction even when a more sober person can't.
I chose to do my project on drug addiction, because it is a serious problem and I find it interesting.
These are the options a drug addict must weigh to choose which path they continue on…

For a drug addict some of the "benefits" of being on drugs would include:
1-Ignorance is bliss (you don't have to deal with the pain and problems of the world)
2-Painless (the physical pains are erased, and the mental ones can be put off until later)
3-New Experiences (drugs show you a different world, perhaps better, perhaps worse)

While for an addict their problems include:
1-Money (for the drug you need, or you spend too much to make payments or buy living essentials)
2-Not caring (when an addict is high they have a different state of mind, when they are sober all they care about is getting more)
3-Stealing (addicts need a next fix, so they may have to go out of their way and do illegal things to obtain it)
4-Health/appearance (There are so many health problems with drugs, anything from brain damage to cancers. It also can effect your appearance, for example, meth destroys your skin, or convinces you to scratch at your own skin, causing you to destroy it)

The benefits of leading a sober life include
1-Emotions (love, happiness, anger, sadness, giddiness, contempt, optimism. Though not all may be good they are a part of living, and being sober allows you to experience it all)
2-family (when you are high you don't care about anyone, but sober you have family and friends to love and support you)
3-challenges (life has a million different challenges when you're sober, good or bad they all help you grow as a person. When you are high the only challenge is to get another fix)
4-being healthy- (being sober you have a much greater chance of staying healthy, your immune system is stronger, and you feel better physically)
5-Life-( life is a challenge, love every moment, even when it seems hard)

Perhaps a junky wants to become sober, they decide that they want a better life. To get there is hard by it self, that is why addiction is a double bind. Because even though you may want to get out, getting out is difficult too.

To recover a junky has a few choices:
1-quit cold turkey (this can be dangerous, not only will a severe withdrawal occur, but with some drugs like Opium there is a high rate of death, to those who just stop)
2-Medication (some doctors will prescribe another drug or habit to try to ease you out of drugs, like a drug with less strength, or smoking. but the catch to that is you may become addicted to that drug or habit they prescribed you.
3-family and friends ( you can go through rehab with the support of your family and friends.

any of these options include withdrawal of some kind which usually includes these side effects.
1-Negative hallucinations
2-Aches and pains
5-lack of sleep
and many other effects.

Either choice of staying a druggie or becoming sober has huge negative effects, therefore it is one of the hardest double binds.

drawing © 2012 by Lara Rucker

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