Thanksgiving and other holiday meals tend to lend themselves to overshoot. Before we know it, we've eaten way too much. The same kind of overshoot can happen when drinking our favorite alcoholic beverage. We drink too much, then pay for it later. Such overshooting is common in our everyday lives. However, as a global society, we are in the midst of overshooting in a variety of ways. We are consuming far too many goods, too much water, too much food, and far too much energy in order to sustain our global ecological system. Such overshooting can have much more critical effects than eating or drinking too much. If we consume more energy than we have access to, what will happen? If we use more of any particular material than we have on our planet, what will happen?


Overshoot: Why It Matters and What You Can Do


Overshoot and Tech Dreams — Rex Weyler


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