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“Where the Sea Meets the Land: Remembering Gregory Bateson”- This reading talked about Marilyn Price-Mitchell’s encounter with Bateson and how meeting him changed her mode of thought. She says that we should not view the world in separate parts, such as right and wrong, but rather to view the world as being a circular pattern and finding the connections between everything.

“Slippery Rigor”- This reading is about Gregory Bateson’s daughter, Nora Bateson, and how his work affected her work as a filmmaker. Nora talks about how she approaches everything at a different angle. She also talks about how “Bateson-thought” isn’t just a way of thinking, but it is a way of life.

“Introduction”- In this reading, Margaret Wheatley talks about how we shouldn’t view a system by its parts, but should see how a system as a whole affects its parts.

“Composing a Life Story”- In this reading, M.C. Bateson talks about composing a life story and talks about some aspects of her life. She talks about discontinuity within her life and how a person can’t adapt to change unless they recognize the connection between their old and new situation. She also talks about how a person can frame a story many different ways depending on the context.

What resonated with me was in Margaret Wheatley’s “Introduction” how she brought up the idea how we should abandon our interpretations of what does and what doesn’t work. For all we know, we may have discarded an idea that may have been groundbreaking just because we thought that it would not work. To me, she challenges us to question what we are told and to explore new ideas. What is in the past could not be what is in the present. Times are changing, as are ideas. An example is the machine model(past), understanding each piece makes it possible to understand the whole, versus holism(new), understanding the whole system make it possible to understand each piece. The film was interesting; I found it hard to follow because of the different mode of thinking that was introduced. This film makes me wonder if Gregory Bateson thought like this for the entirety of his life from birth until death or if he just discovered this. This film also makes me wonder whether or not we all have some form of thinking that is different from the norm, but we repress it in order to fit into society.

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