How To Create & Edit Pages

Entering Material on this Wiki

You also can download a PDF file with instructions on how to edit and create pages on this site.

Or, you can visit the Wikidot documentation pages for more information on coding.

Editing or Adding Material

On most pages, any member can edit or add content.

Click on the “Edit” button at the bottom of the page.

The edit window will appear after the original page content. Editing tool bars will appear between the “Title of the page” box and the page content box. In general, you can highlight the text to which you want to add format tags then click the appropriate formatting button.

Hold your mouse pointer over a button and the name of the function will appear in a balloon box.

Additional information on formatting tags appears below. A full treatment can be found by clicking on the “How to edit pages?” link on the left-side navigation section, then clicking on the “Documentation Pages” link.

Please edit the pages of others with sensitivity. Correcting a type-O is nice, but changing the content, meaning, or expressiveness of the original author is not appropriate.

Starting a New Page

General Guidelines

Do Not Put Spaces in Names of:

  • Page links (titles of the pages that appear as links to your page or other pages). The wiki will automatically put dashes (-) in between words.
  • All inserted URLs.
  • The file names of files and photos that are uploaded to the wiki.

Naming your Page:

  • IMPORTANT: Create a unique name for your page, such as "yourname-title"
  • Do not use the following characters in your file name: ? [ ] / \ = + < > : , ; | * ‘ “
  • Use the appropriate category name followed by a colon and your page name when naming your page.
  • Categories = categoryname (SEE list below for category names)

Process Themes (Systems Thinking, Pattern Thinking, Transformation) = process
Conceptual Themes (Aesthetics, Double Bind, Systems, etc.) = concepts
Transdisciplinary Themes (Arts, Culture, Sciences, etc.) = transdis
Activities (Explorations, Practices, etc.) = activity
Resources (Books, Articles, Multimedia, Links) = resources
News (Announcements, What's Cool?, etc.) = news
Members Pages = member

The name should look like: concepts:myname-titleofpage

→ Category names help organize the site. Put a category name followed by a colon before the title of your page.

Generating Content

  • Type your content into a word processor first. Your formatting in this document will act as a guide, but will not transfer into your page. You will have to use appropriate formatting codes on your wiki page.
  • Please check spelling, grammar, and readability.

Steps to Creating a Page

  • Click on the category link for your page in Navigation panel (left side), such as “Explorations” or “What’s Cool?.” (AVOID using the “Add a new page” box in the left side panel. It is more difficult to link your page from the appropriate Index Page).
  • Click on the “Edit” button at the bottom of this index page.
  • Add the title of your new page enclosed in triple square brackets, followed by a vertical line and the Title of Your New Page as you want it to be seen in the index:
  • If other pages are already linked, follow the same coding patterns and add your page after the last one or in the appropriate subcategory, if such subcategories are listed.
  • Click on the “Preview” button. Make sure your title appears correctly.
  • Click on the “Save” button.
  • Now, click on the link to your new page.
  • An error message page will appear with a link: “create page.” Click on this link.
  • If you have photos or graphics that you want to embed in your page, upload them now. These files need to be 72 dpi (not 300 dpi) and probably no larger than 10 inches in any dimension. Save these files as jpegs or gifs. Remember, the names should be relatively short (less than 27 characters), with no spaces in the filename.
    • Click on the “Files” button at the bottom of the page.
    • Click on the “Upload a file from your computer” link at the center bottom of the page.
    • Click on “Select Files.”
    • Find your file and add it.
    • Click on “Upload.”
  • Copy and paste your page content from your word processing file into the page editing box.
  • Go through and add formatting codes, URL links, etc. Use the tool bars and/or the codes listed below or in the Wiki Documentation pages.
  • Put the following code at the bottom of your page. This code inserts a Comments box.

**Post a Comment Here:**
[[module Comments]]

  • The dashed line (------) (with 6 dashes) adds a horizontal line.
  • The text enclosed by a pair of double asterisks (text) puts the text in boldface.
  • The code inside the double brackets adds a comment box with appropriate formatting tools.
  • To add your uploaded photos to the same page in which you want them to appear, use the “image wizard” button in the tool bars (a green box to the right of center).
  • Click the “Preview” button. Check to make sure that your page looks the way you want. Make any changes, then click on the “Save” button.
  • Go through you page and check to make sure links work and that there are no other errors. If you need to make corrections, click on the “Edit” button at the bottom of the page.
  • Go back to the original index page. Click on the link to your page. If it does not work, check that the page name in the URL is the same as the name of your page.
  • Click on the “Tags” button at the bottom of the page and list several key words that will help your page be found in searches.

Common Wiki Codes

Separate more than one code for an item by a space (in most cases).

Level 1 Heading = +

Level 2 Heading = ++

Level 3 Heading = +++

Level 4 Heading = ++++

Bullet = *

Numbered item in list = #

Blockquote text = >

Italics = //your italicized text//

Boldfaced = **you boldfaced text**

Superscript = ^^your superscripted text^^

Subscript = ,,your subscripted text,,

Center = [[=]]your centered text or image[[/=]]

Clickable link =

Linked text = [ Exploring Science Wiki]

Linked email address = [ Email this Address]

Link to page in this wiki = [[[name-of-page]]]

Linked text to page = [[[name-of-page | Name of Page]]]

Embedded image = [[image url or attachment]]

Embedded video = [[embedvideo]]copy and pasted embedding code from YouTube, etc.[[/embedvideo]]


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