The "Ecology, Mind, and Systems" or "EcoMind" website is inspired by the work of Gregory Bateson (author of Steps to an Ecology of Mind), his contemporaries, and those who have followed, including Humberto Maturano, Francesco Varela, Fritjof Capra, Irwin Thompson, and many others. The film, "An Ecology of Mind" by Nora Bateson (Gregory's youngest daughter), is especially relevant to the emphasis of this site.

This site has been developed as a place for students, teachers, and researchers and theorists to come together, to share their insights, and to discuss issues relevant to how mind works, how the biological world works, and how the two are interconnected.

High school, college, and university teachers are invited to use this site as a place to have students develop, discuss, and share their knowledge and insights. And, all who are interested in these topics are welcome to join and participate.