Influence of Mass Media

For my presentation, I decided to research how the mass media forms a relationship with young girls as they develop. What I found out is that the influence of mass media begins at a very young age and continues to strengthen the relationship until one is in their adulthood. My project displays at what ages mass media begins to play a role in one's life.

  • Child: Relationships with the mass media begin when children start to play with Barbies and watch television, including Disney Channel. Not only does a relationship begin to form but also the start of stereotypes begin. Young girls look at the TV and the toys they are playing with as "role models."
  • Pree-Teen: The relationship with the social networking world begins around this age. Teenagers begin making Facebook accounts and communicating with people around the world, some that they may not even know. The television show that is most popular among this age is MTV, which keeps the relationship between the TV and person strong. At this age, magazines and tabloids are introduced and girls keep the stereotype alive by reading and giving in to these stories.
  • Teenager: The relationship with the social networking world begins to get stronger by Twitter. Teens can follow celebrities and form "relationships" with their tweets and lives. E! keeps the relationship with the television alive.
  • Young-Adult: Because of all the media that has formed relationships with these girls throughout their lives, adults begin changing themselves to better suit that stereotype. Plastic surgery helps these women feel better and more secure about themselves. As an adult, magazines become more mature but are still very degrading to women and keep the relationship strong.
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