Editorial and Submission Processes

Editorial Processes

Submissions to this site must be from children (through age 13), with the exception of specific types of materials by parents and teachers. We are looking for submissions that showcase the imagination, creativity, insight, intelligence, inspiration, and passion of children as producers of knowledge in its many forms.

All submissions will be reviewed for appropriateness and applicability to the mission of this site. Inappropriate content will be deleted; and the person(s) responsible will be banned from the site (and possibly wikidot.com).

Periodically, the editorial board (comprised of children, parents, teachers, and teacher educators) will review submissions for inclusion in the InKids Journal. Projects and materials chosen will be considered "Award Winning" entries. Prior to such reviews the editorial board will generate the criteria for consideration as "award winning."

Submission Processes

Before anyone can submit material, they must become a member of this site (membership is free). Please go to the "How to join this site?" link near the top of the Navigation panel on the left.

Children and other adult submitters are responsible for formatting and entering their own material on this site. Sets of instructions are available through the "Creating and Editing Pages" link near the top of the Navigation panel. Please read and follow these instruction carefully. In order to provide an organized layout of pages, please follow our site's instructions before looking at other wiki formatting information, such as the information available through WIKIDOT's "How to edit pages?" link near the bottom of the Navigation panel.

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